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    Delivering tender loving care to troops & vets.

    TLC4Troops is delighted to report sending 103 care packages & newsletter in 2018!
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    We're a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that delivers charitable projects & services for military & veterans to

    • Maintain morale
    • Educate on latest technologies & career or entrepreneurship opportunities
    • Pursue a career transition into the private sector.

    Projects & Services

    • Tech Waves newsletter to educate troops on innovation
    • 1:1 career & business advising for veterans, students & startups
    • Monthly care packages for the troops so "it's always Christmas." Donate here
    • Thanks to our local Girl Scouts who include homemade letters, full of love.


    'Your playing small does not serve the world." - Marianne Williamson

    Jacqueline is an Enterprise Software Executive in Silicon Valley & founder of TLC4Troops. As a world traveler, she began doing care packages for Navy & Marines overseas. In an amazing story, she did a tandem skydive with 2 Navy SEALs from U.S. Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team in San Diego. They took her as a personal favor. That led to helping Senior Naval Officers in San Diego explore Silicon Valley startups. She mentors young sailors & did a 2nd tandem skydive with former Navy Leap Frog to boost morale for the troops. Their video was shown on USS Iwo Jima to honor 73rd Anniversary of WWII Battle of Iwo Jima. Photos & videos are below.

    TLC4Troops is another way to give back to those who serve.


    • Tech startup advisor for U.S. Navy Space & Naval Warfare.
    • Visiting Professor appointee at Chongqing University in China. 
    • Entrepreneurial ecosystems & startup advisor for Croatia, the Balkans & Baltic startups.
    • U.S. Executive at Croatia's Brown Forum for economic growth, co-hosted by U.S. Dept of State.
    • 1st interviewee in Albanian student newspaper to inspire young inventors.

    With 30 years at Corporate leaders SAP & HP ...

    • 1st American sponsored for 1000 Talents Fellowship in China's Ministry of Transport / RIOH.
    • Tech industry advisor to Eisenhower Fellows foreign relations foundation.
    • Leading employee journalist promoted by Forbes Digital Chief Marketing Officer.

    As SAP Vice President & Cloud Computing Evangelist ...

    • Achieved White House recognition in President Obama's U.S. Big Data Initiatives for SAP, Stanford & NCT Germany's genomics advances for personalized medicine.
    • Leader in U.S. Cloud Commissions developing industry practices for U.S. Federal CIO, CTO & State-Local Governments. 
    • Sole American in European Consortium to promote cloud computing to enable small business.
    • Advisor to Kazakhstan's Chairwoman of ICT on national strategy to deploy cloud computing.

    As a former Cloud Evangelist, Jacqueline enjoys some flying & skydiving.


    Tech Waves Column

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    Tech Waves Column

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    Flying into the clouds

    Leaping into the clouds with U.S. Navy Seals

    Video & Photos 2018 Jump with TJ
    Shout-out to USS Iwo Jima for 73rd Anniv of WWII Battle of Iwo Jima

    Video & Photos 2015 Jump with Jim & Trevor

    Preparing for the clouds